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"Artsy the leading resource for learning about and collecting art, has raised a Series B round of funding lead by Thrive Capital with participation from existing investors such as Peter Thiel, Wendi Murdoch, Dasha Zhukova, and Larry Gagosian. New investors in the technology startup include Rich Barton, the founder of Expedia, Glassdoor, and Zillow; the Rockefeller family; IDG Capital Partners, a prominent China- focused investment firm; and Zhen Fund, a fund backed by Sequoia Capital China."

Artsy Announces Series B Funding in Support of International Expansion

"Artsy announces the launch of new technology designed to enhance the visitor experience at art fairs, including Artsy Columns (freestanding digital screens that map the fair and display up-to-the-minute data about popular artists, galleries, and works) and a personalized mobile iPhone guide for use onsite at the fair."

Artsy Debuts New Technology for Art Fairs at The Armory Show

"Artsy and the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) are delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Artsy to host the online platform for NADA Miami Beach 2013, providing the opportunity to explore the fair and collect works offered by exhibiting galleries on or via mobile phones on the new Artsy app for iPhone."

Artsy will exclusively host NADA Miami Beach 2013 online

"Artsy announces Auction Results, a new feature that matches a work of art with similar works sold at auction through the use of smart technology. Now search results on Artsy will include comparable sales, including the latest sales listings from over 300 auction houses--a service that is free to the public on and the Artsy iPhone app. The launch of Auction Results is another stepping stone in Artsy’s mission to make the art world accessible to everyone by combining art expertise and science."

Artsy launches innovative, free tool for accessing auction data

"Artsy today announced the launch of the Artsy App for iPhone and iPod touch, furthering its mission to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Developed by Artsy designers and engineers as a mobile extension of, the app was made to transform how we may discover, learn, share and buy artwork currently on view at leading galleries, art fairs and museums around the globe. The Artsy App is available exclusively on the App Store and is free to download.”

Artsy Comes to iPhone & iPod Touch

"Artsy announces the launch of 300 Gallery Profile Pages, the latest milestone in the company’s mission to bring the art world online. For the first time, galleries are publicly searchable on Artsy and individual shows and fair booths have shareable permalink pages, enabling galleries and users to share via email and social media"

Artsy Launches Comprehensive Listing Service for the World’s Top Galleries: For the First Time, Galleries Are Publicly Searchable on Artsy

"With 100% participation from exhibiting galleries, Artsy launched the exclusive online preview of Design Miami/ Basel on June 3rd. Visitors can discover the exhibited design objects and explore over 400 works from all 48 participating galleries across 13 countries, including Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Dansk Møbelkunst Gallery, Demisch Danant, Galerie kreo/, Galerie Patrick Seguin, R 20th Century, Salon 94, and Gallery SEOMI"

Artsy Announces Exclusive Online Partnership With Design Miami/ Basel 2013

"Artsy announces the most comprehensive online presentation of the spring fair season. Continuing Artsy’s mission to make the world’s art more accessible, will present work from over 200 galleries exhibiting at Art Basel in Hong Kong and Basel, and in Design Miami/Basel this spring."

Artsy to Present 200 Galleries Exhibiting in Hong Kong and Basel

"Artsy announces a partnership with the Whitney Museum of American Art to host the preview and e-commerce sale for the Whitney Art Party 2013 Auction. Through this collaboration, Artsy extends its platform to include e-commerce for charity benefits, allowing its nearly 150,000 users in 180+ countries to support educational programs at one of the world’s leading museums."

Artsy Partners with Whitney Museum of American Art to Host the Auction Preview and Sale for the Whitney Art Party 2013, Launching Today

"Artsy announces the exclusive online partnership with Design Miami/ Basel 2013. Design Miami/ Basel will take place June 11-16. Building upon a successful collaboration with Design Miami/ in Miami Beach December 2012, Artsy will bring the experience of the prestigious design fair online to over 130,000 Artsy users throughout the world."

Artsy Announces Exclusive Online Partnership With Design Miami/ Basel 2013

"Artsy, the exclusive online partner for The Armory Show 2013, launched its preview of the fair on February 27, 2013, allowing Artsy users to access The Armory Show 2013 and explore the fair online. With 97% exhibitor participation, Artsy’s online representation of a major global art fair is more comprehensive than any previous attempts to bring a major fair online."

Artsy: The Exclusive Online Partner for The Armory Show 2013 Launches Fair Preview with 2700+ Works Provided by an Unprecedented 97% of Exhibitors

"Sky Dayton, Founder of EarthLink and one of the world's most successful Internet entrepreneurs, has joined Artsy as a highly active Board Director, alongside Wendi Deng Murdoch and Artsy CEO, Carter Cleveland (who will maintain board control). Dayton will focus primarily on Artsy’s high level strategy, marketing, fundraising, and strategic partnerships."

Earthlink Founder, Sky Dayton, Joins Artsy as Active Board Director

"Artsy is launching a series of curated sales by selected influencers and thought leaders. Dasha Zhukova will kick-off this initiative with Dasha Zhukova's Design Picks: 20 Objects under $10,000."

Dasha Zhukova's Design Picks: 20 Objects under $10,000

"Artsy announces the move of its service permanently to, where users can now access our database of 21,000+ artworks from over 4,500 leading artists. In connection with this change, we are simplifying our company name to Artsy. The move comes following an outage with our domain, which was down for a period of 36 hours this week due to an issue with DNS servers in Syria. In order to avoid future potential outages, Artsy will remain permanently at"

Artsy moves to

"Alexandra Cunningham, Design Miami/ Director of Exhibitions, noted, 'We're thrilled to have found the right partner to bring online Design Miami's program of the world's top 20th and 21st century design galleries. delivers a unique platform for collecting and discovery that is both highly sophisticated and wholly accessible to a global community of enthusiasts."'’s Online Preview of Design Miami/ to Launch on November 28th Partnership with World’s Leading Design Fair Adds Collectible Design to Platform

"’s COO, Sebastian Cwilich, stated, 'We are honored to partner with the largest art fair in New York, and look forward to leveraging’s engineering, design, and curatorial talent to create the most engaging online fair experience to date.' Cwilich continued, 'we are also excited to partner with the leading design fair to extend the platform to include collectible design."' Announces Exclusive Partnerships with Armory Show and Design Miami/

"’s Founder and CEO, Carter Cleveland, stated, 'While many challenges still lie ahead, this public launch, in partnership with some of the greatest arts institutions in the world, marks’s first major step towards fulfilling its promise: to make all the world’s art freely accessible to anyone with an Internet connection."' launches to the public in partnership with SFMOMA, Fondation Beyeler, The British Museum, and 50 other leading institutions

"Martha and the editors of Martha Stewart Living magazine are honoring the rising stars in a new generation of small-business owners. Ten American Makers have been selected. Their work shares the quality, beauty, inspiration, possibility, and creativity embodied by Martha." Martha Stewart Presents American Made Awards

Press Highlights

"The key-element in Artsy is its user-friendliness. Powered by the Art Genome Project, which analyzes art (and now also design) based on various “genes” (subject, historical movement, materials), the exploring (by style or movement, subject matter, medium or technique, or region) is intelligent and orchestrated behind the scenes by the Artsy experts." Digital Meets Culture, ARTSY, all the world's art freely accessible, January 2013

"Art and design have long existed along side each other, sharing spaces galore, from homes to public parks to museums. And is nothing if not innovative. The partnership expands its already enormous encyclopedia of fine art to include ceramics, furniture, glass, lighting, jewelry, and textiles."

Dwell, Design Miami and Partners in Design, December 2012

"The fact that we are consistently driving people to our site who would not consider themselves art world people .. I think it's a small but very significant step in the direction of making art as popular and as accessible as music currently is today."

#Waywire Art School for Any Class, December 2012

"The point is to build the anticipation; the idea of previewing is an important trend that has been pointed out by forecasters like Trendwatching. They join ideas like this with other participatory activity such as pre-ordering, crowdfunding, and consumer equity. "

PSFK, Previews 400 Pieces for Design Miami, November 2012

"People want to engage with art and they want to learn more and be inspired. As leaders in the museum and cultural heritage community, it’s our mission to explore how technology can further discovery, access, and engagement. is working towards that end."

The American Alliance of Museums, Center for the Future of Museums The Genomics of Art, Education & Commerce, November 2012

"Next time you’re browsing online art platform, be sure to have a scroll down their homepage to see new content from ARTINFO and other esteemed art publications including Hyperallergic, BOMB, institutions like the British Museum and Fondation Beyeler, and people like street artist JR, curator John Elderfield, gallerist Bill Powers, auctioneer Simon de Pury, and more."

ARTINFO, Now You can Follow ARTINFO on, November 2012

"In a significant move, and to little fanfare, the online art database, which includes Wendi Deng Murdoch and gallerist Larry Gagosian among its backers and advisers, has teamed up with the premier modern and contemporary fair DesignMiami/ (December 5-9). will give a substantial overview of the work at the fair, featuring a selection of pieces from each gallery, says director Marianne Goebl."

Financial Times, Sit up and take notice, November 2012

"'There have been art fairs where the online experience really doesn't do justice to the fair. The participation is spotty and when people participate they don't have the things you would really see at their booths. We have all 36 exhibitors who will be at the fair. All of them have provided a significant representation of their work."'

Huffington Post, and Design Miami Collaborate for Online Preview of Upcoming Art Fair, November 2012

" is here to provide the digital version of the buyers’ mecca that is Design Miami/. Russian art empresario Dasha Zhukova is the one responsible for introducing the site to the fair, resulting in an online buying experience that marks’s first foray into dealing design objects, and Design Miami/’s first digital platform."

ARTINFO, Thanks to, You Can Shop Design Miami/ Online, November 2012

" is a complex company with a simple premise, "to make all the world’s art freely accessible to anyone with an Internet connection." To do that, they're ambitiously licensing and categorizing thousands of works of art into "genes," which are groups of art based on characteristics such as art-historical movements, subject matter, and formal qualities." Complex Magazine, 15 Awesome Genes on, November 2012

" is like a virtual gallery, juxtaposing pieces of art based on loose connections and similarities in quality, style, and era. But the idea of goes beyond Pandora’s model of merely recommending works to be appreciated by users — it aims to make sales." Pandodaily, Automating curation: The long-awaited launch of arrives, October 2012

"While is still in beta mode, it says nearly half of its sales so far have been of works by female artists."

CNN, From Muse to Moneymaker: A Brighter Picture for Women in Art, October 2012

"Mr. Chan of the Cooper-Hewitt said sites like were not meant to replace museums, galleries or books, but rather to help the public, especially art neophytes, stretch the boundaries of their taste. “You shouldn’t need to be a scholar to discover works of art that you might be fascinated by,” he said. “You go to museums and you browse — chancing upon things is what it’s all about. The Art Genome is another way of creating serendipitous connections."'

New York Times, is Mapping the World of Art on the Web, October 2012

"It’s been called the Pandora of art, which is an apt comparison as’s own genome works in a similar fashion. Being able to look at a piece and immediately get more information, as well as scroll through more work like it, is a huge help to burgeoning enthusiasts, clearly has a vision for the next step of art buying." Motherboard, With, the Art World's Amateurs Become Connoisseurs, November 2012

"It's an ambitious goal, but bigshots in the tech and art worlds like Wendi Murdoch, Larry Gagosian, Eric Schmidt and Jack Dorsey—all of whom are partners, investors, or advisors in—think the company can do it. In short, whether you're buying or just browsing, is making art accessible to everyone.""

Business Insider, is Changing the Way the World Views Art, November 2012

New York Times, Arts Beat,The Sweet Spot, October 2012

Video Interview on and Carter Cleveland, Recipient of American Made Award in Technology

Martha Stewart, American Made Award in Technology, October 2012

Radio Interview on with Carter Cleveland and Sebastian Cwilich

The Takeaway, The 'Pandora' of the Art World, October 2012

"Educating the unwashed masses (like myself) on the finer things in life is a mission we can all get behind. Just as Google aimed to democratize knowledge and information, is trying to do the same for art."

TechCrunch, Two Years In Coming, Finally Brings Pandora's Genome Project to the Wacky World of Art, October 2012

"It has the potential to introduce each buyer to a wide range of artists and artworks, all of them related in some way and—this is key—most of them unknown and otherwise inaccessible to any but the most knowledgeable connoisseurs."

Wired,’s ‘Genome’ Predicts What Paintings You Will Like, November 2011

", which has more than 10,000 members but is still in beta testing, is the most promising of a slew of new dotcoms -- including Artspace, Artsicle and Paddle8 -- aimed at marketing fine art to the masses."

TIME Magazine, Works for Me: A recommendation engine takes on fine art, June 2012

"By laying this bounty of work at a user’s fingertips, hopes to revolutionize the way we discover—and buy—contemporary art."

Vogue, New Deal:'s Innovative Online Take on Contemporary Art Sales, November 2011

"The company is taking long-term approach to digitizing the art world, striking deals with top galleries before it opens up so that it can launch with some of the best art in the world."

TechCrunch, Raises $6 Million Series A From Peter Thiel, Thrive Capital, Wendi Murdoch And Dasha Zhukova, November 2011

" will function like some omniscient art-world expert who essentially teaches you what you like, even things you weren't aware of."

Art in America, Who is, June 2011

" will unite would-be collectors with art and dealers they may not know."

The Art Newspaper, Website could be holy grail of private market prices, June 2011

"Are collectors ready to buy million-dollar artworks online? Some of the biggest names in art and technology are betting on it."

The Wall Street Journal, Clicking on a Masterpiece, January 2011

"It has the potential to really shake up and transform the art industry"

Forbes, Names You Need to Know in 2011, November 2010

"The core technology is about making better art recommendations and making it easier to discover art."

TechCrunch, Raises $1.25 Million From Schmidt, Murdoch, Dorsey, And Super-Artsy Angels, November 2010

"A new approach to tap into an industry that has traditionally resisted disruption."

Yahoo, Winner, Rookie Disruptor Award, May 2010

Press Releases

Dasha Zhukova's Design Picks: 20 Objects under $10,000

Artsy moves to, January 4, 2013 Announces Exclusive Partnerships with The Armory Show and Design Miami/, October 8, 2012 launches to the public in partnership with SFMOMA, Fondation Beyeler, The British Museum, and 50 other leading institutions, October 8, 2012

Christine Kuan Appointed to Chief Curatorial Role at, June 4, 2012

About Artsy

About Artsy Artsy is a platform where users can discover, discuss, and collect art. Artsy has built one of the largest online collections of contemporary art and is powered by The Art Genome Project. Artsy features 100,000+ artworks by 18,000+ artists from 1,500+ leading galleries and 200+ renowned museum and institutional partners from around the globe, including The British Museum, SFMOMA, Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Royal Collection, Diebenkorn Foundation, The Dedalus Foundation, Calder Foundation, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt: National Design Museum, Dallas Art Museum, Electronic Arts Intermix, and many more.

In October 2012, Artsy launched publicly, and since then has grown to over 230,000 registered users, serving over 300 million artwork impressions to an international audience across 180+ countries. Artsy has partnered with leading art fairs such as Design Miami/ and The Armory Show. As the exclusive online partner for The Armory Show, Artsy delivered the experience of the fair to 120,000 unique visitors from 170 countries. With 97% exhibitor participation, Artsy’s online representation of a major global art fair was more comprehensive than any previous partnerships in the online art fair space. By bringing together art and science, Artsy aims to foster new generations of art lovers, museum-goers, collectors, and patrons.

The Art Genome Project The Art Genome Project is an ongoing study to map the characteristics (known as ‘genes’) that connect the world’s artists and artworks. There are over 500 genes including art-historical movements, subject matter, and formal qualities. For instance, Artsy might connect Andy Warhol to Damien Hirst via the Pop Culture gene, or Ai Weiwei with Botticelli via the Metaphor/Allegory gene. These connections create endless opportunities for serendipitous discovery and learning. You can visit The Art Genome Project blog to learn more.

Open Source at Artsy Artsy’s engineering team writes its own open-source projects and contributes them back to the community. Artsy faces unique algorithmic, user experience, and infrastructure challenges, and our open source contributions reflect this, including jquery-fillwidth, hyperloglog-redis, space-saver-redis, garner, and mongoid-cached-json. You can read more about Artsy’s technology at our Engineering blog and you can find a list of Artsy’s open-source projects here.

Artsy Engineering blog

The Art Genome Project blog



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